Pounds to Pocket

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About Payday Loans & Pounds to Pocket

Payday loans are extremely popular since they are a quick way to get some cash without having to go through a lengthy loan process. Even though companies charge higher rates of interest for short term loans, customers who are behind on a couple of bills and other small loans prefer them over long-term loans. Unlike long term loans, payday loans are designed to be paid back in a shorter period of time and are generally targeted at younger working-class people. Even though companies that offer payday loans have often been criticized for charging extremely high interest rates, younger people still borrow short term loans simply because they are a quick and flexible way of getting urgent funds.

Pounds to Pocket – A Fair Payday Loans Company

Pounds to Pocket are a company that operates in the money lending domain and offers payday loans to its customers. They are owned and operated by CashEuroNetUK. The company also owns and operates QuickQuid which is also a company that offers money lending services.  There is currently a Pounsd to Pocket promo code available at the top of this screen, so make sure you check this out before signing up for your loan.

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Pounds to Pocket have been in business since 2011 and offer great services for customers who seek short term loans. It might be harsh to call them just a payday loan company since they also offer loans that can be paid back over a maximum period of a year which is more than what payday loan companies allow for short term loans. Like all other companies, they perform thorough background checks on all their prospective clients but allow loans to customers who have bad credit history. They require their customers to be above 18 years of age and to have a valid and functional bank account in the UK. The bank account must be linked to a valid debit card or it should be able to accept a direct electronic debit. All customers wanting to borrow from Pounds to Pocket must be employed and they check employment history and salary slips thoroughly before clearing customers for a loan.

Pounds to Pocket are based in London, UK. They are operated by CashEuroNetUK which has business operations in countries like UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Their loans are easily accessible and new customers can borrow money in the range of £400 to £2000 from them and pay it back monthly over a period of a maximum of 12 months. Their loan application process is very simple and requires customers to fill in the required information and they give an instant answer once the loan application is submitted to them. They require information like employers details, bank account information and some other basic information as part of their application process. They credit the customer’s bank account with the loan amount in as less as 10 minutes once the loan is approved. Customers can access their accounts with Pounds to Pocket online and apply for loans, make payments and access customer support though their website. Their site is easy to use and navigate so customers can find loan related information very quickly on it. Interest rates vary according to duration of the loan and the customer’s credit history. Customers with good credit history are offered loans with lower interest rates than customers who have bad credit history.

Pounds to Pocket provides 24/7/365 customer support for its clients. Their customer support is available via email, phone and live chat.